Zest Physiotherapy At Home

Our team of friendly physiotherapists specialise in convenient home visits to help clients take positive steps towards their goals.

Here’s how we do what we do…

We are here to help you

We promote positive relationships with our clients and will treat you as though you are family. Our team are happy to work flexibly around clients routines. You will see the same therapist and develop your support network.

You are in control

Goals and treatment plans are personal to you and led by your needs and aspirations. Our services are easy to access and we will continue to visit for as long as it’s needed.

We have a positive approach

Our clients know we will not give up on them. We will help you to set positive goals and to work towards them on each visit. We will creatively problem solve to overcome barriers. We will help you to develop a positive mindset in challenging circumstances.

The Element of Zest

Our treatment approach is special. We consider Zest to be an essential element to living a long, healthy, happy life. We can help you to find the mindset, motivation and energy to overcome challenges and to achieve your goals.

We are super convenient

Our physiotherapists work flexibly and will visit you wherever you are at times to suit you. We make allowances for variations in client’s abilities at different times of day and fit around your routines and commitments. We have no lengthy waiting lists so we can get started straight away.

What we do works

We are an experienced team of specialist physiotherapists. We are degree qualified, registered health professionals with the Health Care Professions Council and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We have a wide variety of treatment options and strategies to offer you safe and practical solutions.

We can help you to…

  • Walk better
  • Move more freely
  • Build confidence
  • Get stronger, more flexible, & steadier (Improve strength, flexibility & balance)
  • Get fitter and become more active
  • Prepare for and recover well from surgery
  • Manage Pain, relax and sleep better.
  • Age better

These are just some examples, our skills are varied and we are happy to take on any challenge.

We offer the following physiotherapy services…

  • Personalised exercise programming
  • Falls prevention advice and exercises
  • Assessment of mobility & transfers
  • Post-op orthopaedic rehabilitation and prehab (preparing for surgery)
  • Neurological rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Walking aid advice, outdoors walking practise
  • Functional Fitness MOTs
  • Massage & complementary therapies
  • Acupuncture & pain management
  • Amputee Rehabilitation
  • Dementia specialist assessment and treatment approaches
  • Goal setting & Problem Solving
  • Motivation, Mindset and Confidence building

What’s more…

Our team is growing and we are developing new services for 2020 that we think you are going to love. If you ask very nicely we may be able to tap into our multi-professional zest support team and bring these services right to you at home.


Food and nutrition advice to support your rehabilitation, lifestyle and immune system.

Speech and Language Therapy

We can provide treatment, support and care for adults who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing.

Occupational Therapy

We can advise with home adaptations and can recommend equipment and strategies to help you feel more confident with the daily activities that are important to you.


Carer Counselling and Bereavement Counselling. Coming soon in September 2020.

Some zestimonials

Zest Physiotherapy aims to motivate older people to engage in taking positive steps to proactively improve their health and wellbeing, enabling them to maintain their Zest for life.

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